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[Review] P1Harmony – HARMONY : SET IN

The guys from P1Harmony are back with their new mini-album ‘HARMONY : SET IN’. Let’s dive in to see what they prepared!


We start off with the title track ‘Back Down’.  The track has the message that we shouldn’t back down and that we should fight together. The hip-hop based track has a cool vibe and even cooler vocals. The members gave this their all. The “Ring ting ting” rap verse had me cackling a bit, because that was super cute.

‘BFF’ comes next. They’re singing about being best friends forever, which really takes me back to high school where BFF’s were a very serious matter. This pop dance track has a fun guitar riff in the backing track. I really enjoyed Theo’s high vocals in the pre-chorus.

After that we get the ‘Secret Sauce’. The members are back with the power in this hybrid hip-hop track with a super hard chorus. The instrumentals in the chorus are insane. The chanting makes it even better. Honestly, it’s a vibe.

‘One and Only’ is a trap based track that has a lot of energy and fun in it. The chorus goes hard and it’s a really fun switch from the verses to the chorus. This is super cute.

‘Look At Me Now’ brings the 808 bass together with an electric guitar. That riff is sexy and full of power. The boys show that they 100% believe in their dream and they will accomplish it. We love to see it. The rap verse is sick and literally I need a live version of this with an actual band. This is so dope.

The closing track is ‘Better Together’. This mid-tempo pop ballad slows things down to go out on a softer note. It’s adorable, wholesome and I love the vocals.

Go ahead and listen to ‘HARMONY : SET IN’ by P1Harmony on Spotify here.

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