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[Review] Celebrity

In this week’s drama review we are talking about the socialite and influencer world with a dark twist. Let’s talk about one of the latest Netflix productions ‘Celebrity’.

Written by Kim Yi-Young and directed by Kim Cheol-Kyu, ‘Celebrity’ is a twelve episode drama series, focusing around the life of a sales woman turned influencer, whose success becomes the object of anger for many people who would do anything to take her down. 

Rise to the spotlight

Seo A-Ri (Park Gyu-Young) was a regular sales woman with no interest in social media or becoming an influencer, she was the best salesperson at her company, however, after she meets a former schoolmate her life takes a turn.

A-Ri was raised by a well-off family, however, when her father went bankrupt, her mom, brother and herself, had to adapt to the life of regular people. While shopping with a friend she meets Oh Min-Hye (Jun Hyo-Seing), former classmate and social media influencer who has led a lavish life. Believing that A-Ri was still well-off she invites her to hangout at a party with her close friend circle called Gabin Society, made of social media influencers with a lot of power and a celebrity status. 

In this party A-Ri gets to see the distasteful reality of some influencer who have been dragged down, and also meet Han Jun-Kyung (Kang Min-Hyuk), a CEO with a lot of power and influence who immediately takes an interest in her after seeing her raw and honest personality.

Following the recommendation of a close friend, A-Ri opens a social media account and once she is seen with the Gabin Society, more and more people start following her, turning now popular, she receives an offer from a management agency and soon starts her influencer life.

Nothing is what it seems

Now in the spotlight, Seo A-ri starts noticing the issues behind the privileged life of the members of the Gabin Society, and she decides to take matters on her hands and take them down, but in the way she finds out about too many issues and happenings that go against who she is.

On the way to making things right, everything goes array, and now she has to deal with online haters and the loss of the things she has worked on hard to get. With her life turning up-side-down and the Gabin Society becoming even stronger, A-Ri will have to make decisions that will have no return. 

Life of a Influencer

Celebrity’ is a short drama that brings to light injustice and the power of the privileged. This drama felt like a social critique on everything that could go wrong with the influencer lifestyle, and along with this story, they also show the extreme luxury that people born with a gold-spoon live in. 

The cast in this drama is solid, we see a few new faces, but also well-known actors that made this story even more impactful.

Celebrity’ is available on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

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