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[Review] NCT 127 – Fact Check

NCT 127 is back in action with their highly anticipated 5th full-length album, ‘Fact Check.’ This musical journey promises not just nine new singles but also a treasure trove of diverse genres that only NCT could assemble, ensuring that NCity’s depths are explored in full.

Let’s dive in.

Fact Check

The album kicks off with the title track, ‘Fact Check,’ a captivating blend of synth and Afro rhythms that sets the tone for what’s to come. This dance anthem is an absolute bop, boasting an irresistibly catchy hook that’s bound to have listeners grooving along. It’s a well-balanced, cool listening experience packed with those signature NCT vibes. The music video, drenched in NEO aesthetics, seamlessly combines alternative visuals with tight dance sequences. A standout feature is the incorporation of Korean historic sites, lending the visuals an extra layer of beauty and depth. Watch it below.

Next up is ‘Space,’ a dreamy track with its synth arrangements and hypnotic instrumental loops. The beat drops between sections are incredibly satisfying, and the harmonizations add depth to the experience. Transitioning to ‘Parade,’ we’re treated to a hip-hop sensation that amps up the energy with fantastic composition and verse delivery. It’s a prime example of how NCT 127’s vocal line can introduce surprising contrasts to more hip-hop-oriented tracks, making it an absolute delight.

Then comes ‘Angel Eyes,’ a rock-pop gem that’s been on repeat since its track video release. If you’re in the mood for a rock-infused pop track, look no further. NCT 127 shines with their impeccable vocals, ad-libs, and lyrical prowess, reminiscent of the beloved 2016 single ‘Without You.’ Prepare to be enchanted.

Switching gears to ‘Yatch,’ we’re treated to a laid-back, chill pop track with effortless flow. This song embodies the essence of late summer, perfect for enjoying those final warm sunsets of the season.


The album’s second half kicks off with ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi,’ a hip-hop masterpiece written by SINCE. It takes us on a journey with vibey verses, smooth vocals, and a perfect balance of emotions. The piano instrumentation in the bridge adds an incredible dimension, heightened by the vocal line’s soaring high notes, brimming with emotions.

R&B takes center stage with ‘Love is a Beauty,’ featuring minimalistic instrumentation and powerful, heartfelt vocals. This single is a captivating listen with impeccable vocal layering and an abundance of soul. Johnny’s deep and soft singing is a standout highlight.

Opening with the gentle sounds of rain and a dramatic atmosphere, ‘Misty‘ envelops listeners in a sea of emotions through its remarkable musical arrangement, vocalization, and instrumentals.

Finally, we reach the end of this album with ‘Real Life,’ a soft pop delight infused with an upbeat rhythm. It’s a smooth, heartwarming listen with rich vocals and an abundance of heartfelt sentiment. The perfect conclusion to this musical journey.

NCT 127 once again proves their prowess by delivering a captivating and diverse album. ‘Fact Check’ is an exhilarating and enjoyable listen from start to finish, showcasing NCT 127’s boundless talent. Make sure to listen to it here.

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