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K-Variety Taster: Street Woman Fighter 2

South Korean entertainment offers a wide array of genres, ranging from variety shows and talk shows to survival programs. Each of these shows has something unique to offer, providing fans with both happiness and candid moments.

We’re excited to introduce a new segment where we share our favourite variety show of the month. Our goal is to not only spread joy but also keep you in the loop about the must-watch programs for some lighthearted fun. Whether you’re already a fan of Korean Entertainment or just curious, these shows offer a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For our inaugural edition, we’re thrilled to present the hottest program of the moment: ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’.

Dancing with Passion

In 2021, the inaugural season of this electrifying dance competition burst onto the South Korean entertainment scene. It was a stage where top dancers and choreographers vied for the coveted title of the best of the best. With just 10 thrilling episodes featuring 8 formidable teams, this program skyrocketed in popularity, not only domestically but also gaining international acclaim.

The overwhelming response from audiences left no doubt about its success. It was no surprise when Mnet announced the spin-off series ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter,’ which featured the competitors from the first season stepping into mentor roles. Following the initial success, a series of exciting survival and competition shows emerged, including ‘Be Mbitious,’ ‘Be the SMF,’ ‘Anybody Can Dance,’ ‘Street Man Fighter,’ and the current sensation, ‘Street Woman Fighter 2.’

Street Woman Fighter 2

‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ took off in August, and ever since, dedicated fans from across the globe have faithfully tuned in every Tuesday. This second season of the immensely popular show introduces both lesser-known crews like Wolf’Lo, LadyBounce, Deep N Dap, as well as more renowned groups including 1Million, Mannequeen, Bebe, and international sensations like Tsubakill and Jam Republic.

The level of competition this season is nothing short of intense. Week by week, these crews deliver breathtaking performances, complete with unexpected twists and turns that have kept viewers glued to their screens, riding the highs and lows alongside them.

Thus far, the show has seen exhilarating 1-on-1 battles (the ‘No Respect Sticker’), epic Ace Battles, challenging Class Missions, thrilling K-Pop Death Matches, high-energy Mega Crew missions, and currently, the Hwasa Choreography mission. And there are still four more episodes to come.

Attempting to describe the talent of these dancers would be an understatement. It’s best to witness it firsthand. Below, you’ll find our favourite performance from each of the remarkable crews.



Deep N Dap






As ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ continues to amaze and enthrall audiences worldwide, the dance battles show no signs of slowing down. With four thrilling episodes left to go, the anticipation and excitement are at an all-time high.

The remarkable talent displayed by these dancers transcends words; it’s an experience best witnessed. So, we invite you to stay tuned and be captivated by the mesmerizing performances from each of these incredible crews.

Don’t miss a beat; the next jaw-dropping performance could be just around the corner. Stay tuned for more dance magic from ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’!

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