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[Review] My Worst Neighbour

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched ‘My Worst Neighbour’. This 2023 remake of the French film ‘Blind Date’ is a cute romcom with a warm heart.

‘My Worst Neighbour’ was directed by Lee Woo Cheol and adapted by Park So-Hee, Lee Woo-Chul, Kim Ho-Jung.


We follow Lee Seung-Jin (Lee Ji-Hoon) as he starts renting out the cheapest studio he could find. The very first night he believes the studio to be haunted as he keeps hearing noises.

It turns out to not be a ghost, but rather his neighbour Hong Ra-Ni (Han Seung-Yeon) who’s an artist and really does not want anyone to live next to her because the walls are paperthin.

After making each other’s lives hell, they decide on a truce and switch their noisy passions every four hours. Lee makes music and is competing in a music competition. She’s a ceramics artist and works with a lot of noisy tools.

After a while they find common ground and even become romantically interested in each other without ever seeing one another.


This is a very cute romcom that had me in tears from laughing. THe actors did a great job since they basically had to act towards a wall for the most part. I enjoyed watching their relationship build and their separate storylines were interesting and fleshed out their character nicely.

If you’re wanting a good romcom, definitely check this one out!

You can watch the trailer for ‘My Worst Neighbour’ below.

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