Photo Credits: RBW

PURPLE KISS comes back with ‘FESTA’

PURPLE KISS is back with new music, and this time their released their first single album ‘FESTA‘ including three new single to celebrate the end of the summer season.

The title track ‘7HEAVEN‘ opens up this release and goes right into an up-beat track with a lovely EDM mix, pretty melodies and a touch of groove. This song is a very bright and catchy listen, the beat drops before every hook are amazing and the change of tempo in the bridge captivating. For the music video, the member bring a stunning performance and heavenly visuals. Check it below.

Synth moves along this release in ‘Biscuit‘, the sound effects in this track are super pretty and add an special factor to the members fine and delicate vocals. The highlight of this song are the harmonies and amazing vocalisations, they totally delivered.

Last in this single album is ‘Mistake‘ with a mix of soft pop and EDM, the rapping sections in this track are fantastic and full of emotion, and it only gets better with the vocal line high tones and singing power.

PURPLE KISS definitely delivered a solid single album full of incredible tune and a lot of colour, indeed a party. Listen to this release here.

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