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[Review] Young K – Letters with notes

Young K is back with his first full-lenght solo album ‘Letters with notes’. We’re super stoked, so let’s take a closer look!

Letters with notes

We start off with ‘Waited’. We’re going for a modern interpretation of 90s rock.

The opening to ‘Nothing but’ is brilliant and immediately snags the attention. This track is literally so good. Go through a terrible break-up with Young K and get your heart stepped on. The angst is amazing.

The music video is filled with aesthetics shots and Dahyun from TWICE as our lead actress.

After that comes the pre-released track ‘let it be summer’ which you can read about here.

‘Dreamer’ is a cool British rock track with some grungy guitars. I loved this album description: “it is a song about those who do not give in to the hopeless reality and take pictures of their own sparkling stars in the black night sky.”

Next up

‘Bungee Jumping’ is lovely and soft and hopeful. It’s adorable and will give you butterflies.

Next up is ‘natural’. This is a love song with a proper beat and Young K’s great vocals. I’m also really loving the guitars in this track. It’s the type of song you blast on your speakers in the car.

‘STRANGE’ is an interesting one in the line-up. The synths added in the instrumentation are great and feel fresh in the full album. Parkmoonchi is listed in the credits as co-composer. The track is a vibe, I dig it!

‘SOUL’ is the next track and has the only feature on the album. CHOILB is a fantastic addition to the track. I’m also obsessed with the brass instruments. The track is insanely soulful and is going straight to my playlist.

With ‘Playground’ we’re already on track 9 of the album. We’re going for some funk with a mix of some blues from the 60s. I love the sass and confidence Young K exudes through his vocals.

‘babo’ is an alt pop track in English. Indie artist Paulkyte is listed as co-composer. I really enjoyed the instrumentation for this track. It’s not afraid to play with silliness, play with pauses and add interesting sounds.

‘what is’ is the closing track to this album. This ballad is filled with longing and kind of made me cry. It’s beautiful.

Overall, Young K did a fantastic job with ‘Letters with notes’. It’s a great listen and each track has something to offer.

Go listen to it here.

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