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[Review] IVE – I’VE MINE

The girls from IVE are officially back with their new mini-album ‘I’VE MINE’. We’re super stoked because we loved the two pre-releases, so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the pre-released ‘Off The Record’, which we wrote about here. This is the first of three title tracks.

The second title track is ‘Baddie’. We’re going for a trap beat with an intense bass and effortless charisma. This is a very eyecatching title track.

‘Either Way’ is the second pre-release track and the third title track of this album.

After that comes ‘Holy Moly’ which starts with a very groovy brass section. I’m really digging this so much. I am absolutely in love with the chorus. The harmonies, the vocal power display are so great!

‘OTT’ follows that. We’re going for acoustic guitars and rich synths in ‘Over the top’. Won-young wrote the lyrics for this track. I like it a lot! It’s a bop.

The closing track is ‘Payback’. This is a pop track with a cheerful sound and a bouncy piano. BIG Naughty is listed as co-writer. He’s also listed for ‘Baddie’.

Overall ‘I’VE MINE’ by IVE is a great mini-album. I really enjoy the diversity in sound and the power behind every single track.

Go ahead and listen to it here.

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