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[Review] TXT – The Name Chapter: FREEFALL

The boys from TXT are back to stun us all with their new full-length album ‘The Name Chapter: FREEFALL’. Let’s dive in!

The Name Chapter: FREEFALL

We start off with ‘Growing Pain‘. This is such a dope metal based hard rock track. The guitars are going bonkers and the vocals are intense and SO well done. What a fantastic opening to the album!

‘Chasing That Feeling’ is the title track. We’re going for an 80s New Wave sound with fun synths and a fast pace. This is such a great title track!

Four weeks ago brought us the release of ‘Back For More’. There’s a music video for the Anitta version. The album has the TXT version on it.

‘Dreamer’ is up next. We’re going for R&B and Soul in this one. The tempo is slow and mysterious. This is a completely new sound for them and I’m really digging it.

Following that comes ‘Deep Down’. They’re bringing back the synths but with a Jersey Club beat and EDM elements this is a total club banger. What a vibe!

‘Happily Ever After’ is another Jersey Club track with a lot of fun elements and the whole thing feels very mischievous. The vocals add such an incredibly fun vibe to the track. They’re not taking themselves too seriously. The chanting, as always, is definitely a bonus.

Next up

‘Skipping Stones’ gives us an indie rock moment. I really enjoyed the instrumentation and the vocal layering. There harmonies are fantastic and the drums are really going for it!

Next up is ‘Blue Spring’. This was pre-released as a fan song. It’s an alt rock track with a very emotive storytelling aspect.

‘Do it like that’ is the next track featuring the Jonas Brothers. This was pre-released a couple of months ago.

The closing track is the English version of the title track.

Overall TXT did a fantastic job with ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’. The diversity in genres and different sounds is amazing!

Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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