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[Actor Spotlight] Joo Min-Kyung

We’re back with a new Actor Spotlight and this time we wanted to dive into the career of Joo Min-Kyung because we’ve been watching ‘Behind Your Touch’ and she’s an absolute stand out!


Joo started her career in the 2014 JTBC series ‘Steal Heart’.

The year after she had roles in the series ‘This is my love’ and ‘Heard it through the grapevine’.

Her first film role came in 2018 in the movie ‘America Town’.

That same year she also had roles in the popular ‘Something in the rain’ and ‘Sketch’.

In 2019 she played in the film ‘Crazy Romance’ and the K-drama ‘One Spring Night’.

The year after she played in the series ‘Soul Mechanic’.

She played one of the park rangers in the 2021 series ‘Jirisan’.

In a big contrast Joo Min-Kyung played a scoundrel in ‘Green Mothers’ Club’ in 2022.

This year, as we mentioned before she’s playing the loveable Bae Ok-Hui in ‘Behind Your Touch’. She’s absolutely delightful here and has a great grasp on her character’s feelings.

I have very high hopes for her future roles and will continue to look for her performances.

Go find her on Instagram here.

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