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[Review] Loossemble – One of a kind

The girls from Loossemble are back with their new mini-album ‘One of a kind’. We’re super stoked because their debut EP was brilliant. Let’s dive in!

One of a kind

We’re starting with the intro track: ‘Intro (A butterfly’s signal). I enjoyed this intro: “it is a song like a signal that attempts to transform the image and heralds a different appearance.”

Next up is the title track ‘Girl’s Night’. I absolutely love this. It’s fun and poppy but holds a deeper meaning with the girls’ mention of breaking the mold and unfair social frameworks and defining for themselves who they are. This is great!

Next up is ‘Moonlight’. According to the album description: “The lyrics are a story about finding light in the darkness, depicting the protagonist’s journey to find hope and experience change through a small piece of the moon.” I like the spacey layering and the vocals in the back. It creates a really cool texture when the bass comes in. It’s a vibe!

‘Boomerang’ immediately starts off hard with an insane beat. Honestly that bass is crazy and creates a very crunchy track. I enjoyed how they played with the panning in the left and right headphones, so definitely listen to ‘Boomerang’ with your headphones on for the full experience.

After that comes ‘He Said I Said’. This is a pop track with some rock elements and a very cute vibe. The hook is super catchy and this feels very fresh!

‘Truman Show’ brings a pop punk moment with some acoustic guitars and a great layering. This is a great uplifting track that still feels very intimate as well.

‘Starlight’ is a mid-tempo pop track with the wholesome message that dreams will come true no matter how much time passes and that hardships will be overcome.

The last track of the album is the instrumental version of ‘Girl’s Night’.

Overall ‘One of a kind’ by Loossemble is a lovely mini-album with great tracks and a cohesive story.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

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