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[Review] ONEWE – Planet Nine : ISOTROPY

ONEWE is back with their new EP ‘Planet Nine : ISOTROPY’. We’re super stoked because ONEWE always delivers. Let’s check it out

Planet Nine : ISOTROPY

We start off with the title track ‘Beautiful Ashes’. This is a rock ballad with great vocals, an interesting progressions and a really lovely piano line. The video is really pretty and I love how dramatic this all is. The guitar solo is a VIBE.

Next up is ‘Shoot it out’. I’m really digging the pre-chorus and the hard chorus. It’s cool, is intense and is filled with angst. I love it. The vocals in the bridge are going straight to heaven.

‘Meteor Shower’ has a beautiful track description: “The countless stairs we climbed with you, who especially loved the night sky. Even though we were standing facing the same place, both my eyes were on you. That day, it was engraved so deeply in me that I could draw you without hesitation even when I closed my eyes, knowing that the star wasn’t the only thing shining brightly in the darkness.” It’s a stunning track.

After that comes the single ‘Count the stars’. We’re staying with the rock ballads. What a cute and lovely track. This is a love declaration and is literally so beautiful. I think it’d be interesting to hear a stripped down version of this.

‘Kiss in the rain’ brings a bit of blues into the album. It makes for a refreshing sound and change of pace of the album. What a smooth, jazzy listen! I like this one a lot.

The closing track is ‘Pleasant’ which is a proper closing track. This funky hard rock track will leave a lasting impression with its powerful chorus.

Overall ‘Planet Nine : ISOTROPY’ by ONEWE is a solid mini-album. Go ahead and check it out here.

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