Photo Credits: 143 Entertainment

iKON is all power and swag in ‘Tantara’

iKON is back! And this time they are coming back with a pre-release single ahead of their upcoming third album.

Tantara‘ is the title of this release and brings the iKON swag we all missed so much, but with a more mature and experienced sound. With their usual killer flow and power vocals, this single plays and shows off what they are made off. They aren’t playing and we are looking forward to listen to their upcoming release.

The music video for this single is all about all school hip-hop bounce, including the dance team Hook, this MV plays with killer moves and formations, all the members absolutely stand out it in this production. The confidence, power and swag of iKON shows in every second of it. Watch it below.

We are looking forward to listen to their upcoming album, iKON is starting a new chapter and we cannot wait to see what’s next for them. Listen to this single here.

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