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Ode To The Artist: For_The_Poet

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time we really wanted to take a closer look at the discography of For_The_Poet. I’m in the mood for some soft folk music, I hope this music finds you well. 


The trio debuted in 2021 and consists of Lee Beomhee on the drums, Shin Seungheon on the guitars and for the vocals we have Shin Kyungwoo. 

‘Yellow Flower’ was their debut single in 2021.

They came back in 2022 with the single ‘It’s Love’. I really like the concept behind this song. It’s all about how he recognizes his family in his face. “My wise, wise right eye resembles my mother’s eyes, who buy cheap and good quality groceries, and my left eye resembles my father’s eyes.”

The single ‘Bloom’ came next. This one is a bit heavier on the guitars and it’s awesome.

‘Magnet’ was released in June.

Summer Night’ was released after that. 

‘Film’ was their last single of 2022.

Their most recent comeback was with ‘Soar’ at the beginning of April.

Shin Kyungwoo, the vocalist also has some solo works. He also recently came out with new music. Check that out below.

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