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[Review] Highlight – Switch on

The boys from Highlight are back with their fifth mini-album ‘Switch on’. Let’s dive in!

Switch on

We start off with the title track ‘BODY’. As soon as the track starts I was shaking my body. The hook is a major vibe and I’m sensing an early summer hit. Literally this is so much fun! It’s so unserious, and literally what I needed today.

‘Switch on’ follows that with a killer bass intro and a more groovy feel. The guitar literally did such a good job and was such a fantastic element in this track.

Next up is ‘Feel Your Love’. We’re going retro with fun synths and a very spacy sound. I liked the vocals in the bridge a lot! Hello adlibs!

‘How to love’ is a song that welcomes spring with new feelings of love. This is such an adorable, fresh sound.

The closing track is ‘In my head’ which brings us a band sound and a bit of a romantic anime opening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to hear a live version of this including a live band!

Overall Highlight did a fantastic job with ‘Switch on’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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