Photo Credits: More Vision

CHUNG HA returns with ‘EENIE MEENIE’

After over a year of waiting, our queen CHUNG HA is back with new music. She is now signed under MORE VISION, and is ready to show her growth as an artist with this single release including two self-written singles and her unique style.

This single album opens with ‘I’m Ready‘ and a deep house sound. This song is powerful and total party anthem with a touch of self-empowerment, this track will indeed have us ready to get through everything. Its pure power with CHUNG HA iconic style, get ready to vogue and leave everything on the dance-floor.

The title track ‘EENIE MEENIE‘ featuring ATEEZ’ Hongjoong comes up next to bring this duo to the next level of iconic, this single is not only super catchy, but also includes a fantastic beat arrangement, unexpected twist, and a very unique vibe. The music video only elevates this song with an urban aesthetic and dope dance sequences that show of the incredible artist she is. Delight yourself with this music video below:

CHUNG HA definitely came back stronger than ever, with two singles that show that she is back to deliver what she promised. Listen to this release here.

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