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[Review] Girls On Top (GOT the beat) – Stamp On It

Girls On top (aka. GOT the beat) released its first single at the beginning 2022 when SM took us to Kwangya in their SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA. A year has passed since the debut of this super group, and they are finally back with their first mini-album.

Consisting of four different idol generations including BoA, SNSD’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy, and Aespa’s Karina and Winter; GOT the beat brings together SM Entertainment’s power vocalists together.

We are thrilled to listen to what they have prepared for this mini-album, let’s dive right in!

Stamp On It

The opening track of this mini-album is the title song ‘Stamp On It‘, released at the end of 2022 during SMTOWN LIVE 2023. This track mixes hip-hop and R&B with heavy bass and a very catchy riff, in a very SM move we get the sudden tempo changes that just make this single even more interesting to listen to.

When it comes to the vocals these seven power vocalists absolutely kill it, and for the music video everything is about PEAK AESTHETICS, very pretty angles, and a very luxurious but classy concept. Watch it below.

Goddess Level‘ and its heavy bass take over next, the hip-hop core of this song is super cool, the instrumentation and mixing in the track is very experimental but a total vibe. Every section comes with a new surprise, and the harmonies, rapping and flow just make it better.

GOT the beat

Continuing with the experimental style and unique sound ‘Alter Ego‘ brings a darker feel into this mini-album. The edginess in sound and lyric delivery is fantastic, and the backing vocals are something else. Hip-Hop beats take over in ‘Rose‘ and each drop is a listening experience. The blending in this song is insanely good, the rapping supper smooth and the backing singing incredible.

Outlaw‘ drops with synth, bass and a rather aggressive undertone I really dig. The song has a bit of angstiness in its flow, and the same goes for tone in the lyrical delivery. The high notes as expected are very impressive, and overall this song takes listeners into a total adrenaline rush moment.

Closing this mini-album is ‘MALA‘, with a mix of genres and an impressive sound, they really went for an impactful end. This single has it all, harmonies, amazing singing and killer rapping. The cherry on top.

Stamp On It‘ definitely left a strong impression with the first listen. This release has a strong sound, top tier singing and a powerful style. Make sure to listen to this mini-album here.

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