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[Review] BoA – Forgive Me

The absolute icon BoA is back with her new mini-album ‘Forgive Me’. We are absolutely stoked about this comeback, so let’s dive right in!

Forgive Me

We start off with the title track ‘Forgive Me’. The track was written and co-composed by BoA herself, which is a boss ass move. This is such a VIBE. We’re going pop rock for this one with some dance influences mixed in. We get electric guitars, and insane vocals in the bridge. The power in the lyrics are crazy, and I think I just fell in love even more.

Also she looks absolutely incredible in the music video. s

Following that is ‘ZIP’. The groovy guitar starts us off on this dance pop moment. SAAY is one of the co-composers and to be honest I can totally feel her influence in this. This track is FUNKY. The guitar riff is insane and the vocal layering is brilliant.

‘Sketch’ is another track that is written and co-composed by BoA. We’re going with retro synths and a new wave pop sound. I’m totally loving this vibe. I really want to go rollerskating to this one.

Next up

The opening to ‘Breathe’ had me forgetting how to breathe. The genre for this one is electronica and honestly, the opening is insanely powerful. The impact this song is going to have is ridiculous. The beat is so well put together!

We’re slowing things down with ‘After Midnight’. The acoustic pop track has a beautiful accompaniment by the guitar and it creates a wonderful warm sound. This begs for a live session. BoA has such a stunning timbre and when she uses her soft vibrato, it is heavenly.

The closing track is ‘Hope’ that was also written and co-composed by BoA. This acoustic ballad is all about BoA’s love for her friends, family and fans. It’s wholesome and soft and a beautiful end to such a great EP.

Go listen to ‘Forgive Me’ by BoA on Spotify here.

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