Photo credits: Yuehua Ent

Choi Yena drops ‘Love War’

Choi Yena is back with her first single album ‘Love War’. The single album contains three singles; ‘Intro ; love is over’, ‘Wash away’ and ‘Love War’.

We start off with ‘Intro ; Love is over‘. This smooth R&B intro really sets the tone and has recurring themes from ‘Love War’. I really like the piano in this track.

‘Wash Away’ is a soft pop ballad. I enjoyed the vocal work in this one. Yena has a beautiful clear tone, that fits to perfection.

The title track is ‘Love War‘ featuring BE’O. This is honestly amazing. It’s solid R&B and shows a good dynamic between Yena and BE’O. I am absolutely obsessed with this track. I also like how the words ‘love war’ sound like ‘lover’. It’s a nice play on words. You’ll definitely want to turn on the captions for the music video.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Love War’ by Choi Yena on Spotify here. You can read about Yena’s previous release here.

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