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Ode To The Artist: Taeyeon

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time I really wanted to feature Taeyeon. Next week she’s dropping her new album ‘INVU’ so I figured it was the perfect moment to look back upon her iconic career.


In 2007 Taeyeon debuted with the girl group Girls’ Generation. If you want to hear more about SNSD, you can check out our podcast episode of DisKovery With a K. For this article I figured I’d focus more on her solo releases. 

Here’s one of my favorite SNSD tracks though.

Taeyeon’s official solo debut came in 2015 with the mini-album ‘I’. Her title track ‘I’ featuring Verbal Jint remains such an iconic bop. This album also started Taeyeon’s writing career as she has writing credits for the first time.

In 2016 she had the SM Station track ‘RAIN’.

The same year Taeyeon also released her second mini ‘Why’ which had the double title track ‘Why’ and ‘Starlight’ featuring DEAN.

There was also the iconic ‘11:11’ single that came out in 2016.

‘My Voice’ was her first full album and came out in 2017. The amount of timeless tracks on this album are out of this world. The title track ‘Fine’ is amazing, but ‘I Got Love’ is essential listening.

That same year Taeyeon also came out with a full Christmas EP, which honestly is kind of iconic.

2018 came with the release of her new mini-album ‘Something New’. That title track is groovy!

There were also the singles ‘Stay’ and ‘Page 0’ featuring MeloMance.


2019 was a pretty crazy year for Taeyeon. She came out with multiple singles, a Japanese EP, and a full album.

Her album ‘Purpose’ remains one of my favorite releases to date.

She was also on the OST of ‘Frozen II’ so she’s also a Disney princess.

The year 2020 was blessed with the singles ‘Happy’, her Japanese EP ‘#girlsspkout’ and her EP ‘What Do I Call You’. She also dropped the repackaged album of ‘Purpose’ which is definitely worth a listen. The song ‘My Tragedy’ from the repack had me in a chokehold for a solid while.

Her collab for the Japanese mini was with none other than the ICONIC Chanmina.

The retro bop ‘Weekend’ was released in 2021.

Now, Taeyeon is part of the legendary GOT the beat. She’s also set to come back with a new EP of which she pre-released the track ‘Can’t control myself’.

I’m super stoked about the upcoming release. Because I just know that it’ll be another album filled with timeless music that will display her vocal prowess. 

Lastly go ahead and follow her on Spotify and on Instagram.

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