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MV Rec: Tabber – Being

In this week’s music video recommendation, we’re diving into the mesmerising world of Tabber’s production, featuring the incredible Baek Yerin in the soulful single, “Being.”

Being” is a seamless blend of smooth R&B, enriched with a groovy tempo and vocals that are nothing short of breathtaking. The musical journey is complemented by a captivating video narrative that unfolds through the lens of renowned actress and idol Lee Hye Ri. 

The music video introduces us to Lee Hye Ri, who navigates the cityscape from the back seat of a taxi. This simple yet elegant choice for the storyline adds a layer of relatability, capturing the essence of a solitary journey through the urban landscape.

Hye Ri’s expressions are a focal point of the video, delivering soulful emotions that resonate with the contemplative mood of the song. The narrative takes viewers on a poignant exploration of solitude, the act of savoring one’s favorite music, and the introspection that accompanies the twists and turns of life.

The video’s brilliance lies in its adept use of lighting, particularly during the taxi scenes. The interplay of light accentuates Hye Ri’s emotional journey, seamlessly transitioning from solitude to glimpses of the vibrant city nightlife. This contrast not only adds depth to the storytelling but also enhances the visual appeal of the video.

If you haven’t immersed yourself in this visual and auditory masterpiece, now is the time. Watch the video below and let the music take you on a journey.

You can listen to this single here

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