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[Review] Doona!

In this week’s drama review, we’re venturing into the enchanting realm of a recent Netflix production that has left us spellbound with its impeccable production and stellar cast. Let’s dive deep into the world of ‘Doona!’

A Webtoon Come to Life

Adapted from the beloved Webtoon series ‘The Girl Downstairs’ by Min Song-ah, was written by Jang Yoo-ha and directed by Jang Yoo-ha. At its core, the drama follows the unique journey of a college student who unexpectedly becomes roommates with a retired K-Pop sensation.

Lee Doo-Na, portrayed with grace and authenticity by Bae Suzy, is a former idol who has gracefully exited the spotlight to coexist with a household of college students. In this shared space, her path crosses with Lee Won-Jun, played by the charismatic Yang Se-Jong, a fresh college entrant who enters this unique living arrangement.

Unforgettable First Impressions

When Doo-Na first encounters Won-Jun, she mistakenly believes him to be one of her devoted fans due to his former group merchandise. In reality, the item is a cherished memento of his hometown friends, and he remains blissfully unaware of her identity as a former idol.

After the initial confusion, Won-Jun gradually recollects where he has seen Doo-Na before, but he’s quick to clarify that he isn’t a fan and has no romantic interests in her. Despite their differences in personality, Doo-Na wants to be friends with Won-Jun, even though he struggles to adapt to her outgoing and teasing personality.

A Growing Bond

As time unfolds, Won-Jun begins to see beyond Doo-Na’s confident facade, discovering the sensitive soul beneath her exterior strength. A deep and genuine friendship blossoms between them. New and old connections also resurface in Won-Jun’s life, including his first love, Kim Jin-Ju, brought to life by Ha-Young, and his childhood friend Choi I-Ra, portrayed by Park Se-Wan.

As Doo-Na and Won-Jun’s relationship grows closer, she grapples with her own feelings after witnessing him with Jin-Ju. She decides to prioritize their newfound friendship by choosing to tell Jin-Ju how she feels about Won-Jun.  

Won-Jun, on his side, embarks on a quest to understand his own emotions and eventually realizes he harbors deep affections for Doo-Na. After he comes to the realization that he also has strong feelings for her and their romantic relationship flourishes, Doona has to deal with her past, come to terms with what the future holds for her, and make decisions that will affect her life and new romantic relationship. 

A Romantic Story

Spanning nine enthralling episodes, ‘Doona!’ artfully portrays the lives of two individuals as they navigate a pivotal chapter of their existence. Their story unfolds against the backdrop of newfound friendships, as they explore their true selves, make lasting connections, and grapple with complex emotions.

Suzy’s portrayal of Doo-Na is flawless, breathing life into a character replete with personal issues, worries, and emotional baggage. Se-Jong follows with a remarkably human portrayal, capturing the issues of a young adult. Their on-screen chemistry is both natural and profoundly organic, rendering ‘Doona!’ a captivating and emotionally charged watch.

‘Doona!’ is available on Netflix, you can watch the trailer below. 

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