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[Review] OMEGA X – iykyk

OMEGA X is back, and it’s been two years since their debut, marked by a discography filled with powerful and memorable songs. For their latest release, they’ve unleashed five new singles, their first mini-album in a while. The anticipation is high as we delve into their newest music.


The mini-album launches with ‘LOUDER,’ an electrifying track pulsating with powerful beats, incredible drops, and boundless energy. This song immediately sets the tone for the entire release, serving as the perfect hype track.

The title track ‘JUNK FOOD‘ takes center stage, offering an extraordinary and delightfully chaotic composition. This hip-hop-driven song is a whirlwind of creativity, featuring intricate sectioning, mesmerizing vocal layering, and compelling rap verses that blend seamlessly. The music video for this track continues the power-packed theme, featuring alternative solo shots, eye-catching graphics, and breathtaking dance sequences. Watch it below.

Touch‘ moves into synth-pop territory, delivering smooth beats and an addictive hook that keeps listeners grooving. The progression in this single is flawless, and the ethereal vocals add an extra layer of depth to the song.

The mini-album takes a playful turn with ‘HEY!,’ an up-beat pop track that exudes a charming and lighthearted vibe. The harmonies and backing vocals enhance the overall sweetness and cuteness of the song.

Closing the release is ‘ISLAND,’ a song that commemorates OMEGA X’s second anniversary with a pop-rock melody. It is filled with exceptional instrumentals and heartfelt singing, invoking a sense of nostalgia and emotion. It serves as a perfect conclusion to this dynamic mini-album.

iykyk‘ by OMEGA X is a splendid listening experience, offering a diverse range of well-rounded singles that will accompany you through various moods. Be sure to check it out here.

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