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[Review] Crash Course In Romance

Food, math and wholesome moments are this week’s main topics for our drama review. Let’s talk about ‘Crash Course In Romance’.

Written by Yang Hee-seung and directed by Yoo Je-won, ‘Crash Course In Romance’ tells the story of a former national athlete and a genius mathematics professor who met in the most unconventional circumstances. 

Nam Haeng-Seon (Jeon Do-Yeon) a former athlete now runs a side dish shop, from a very young age she has had to give up many of her dreams to help her family and become the breadwinner. She became the mother figure for the niece and also looks after her brother who has autism. 

Choi Chi-Yeol (Jung Kyoung-Ho) is a genius and very dedicated math professor, known for his teaching abilities and his exclusive classes in a well-known private academy. 

This pair meets after Chi-Yeol believes Haeng-Seon’s brother is taking pictures of him to post them online, leading to a complete misunderstanding where she tries to chase him and he ends up running away to avoid the embarrassment of the situation. 

However, soon enough this pair is reunited by destiny when Haeng-Seon’s daughter Name Hae-E (Roh Yoon-Seo) starts to take his classes, and Chi-Yeol discovers that the food he has been eating so eagerly comes from her shop. 

Is It Love?

As they spend more time together Chi-Yeol keeps finding himself more curious about Haeng-Seon and her very unpredictable character, at the same time, she is still trying to figure out her own feelings.

Family and career however, become the biggest challenges of Haeng-Seon and Chi-Yeol, who will have to figure out what is most important for them. All the while mysterious disappearances keep happening, and they are all linked to previous happenings that greatly affect Chi-Yeol’s life. 

Crash Course In Romance’ is a feel-good romcom, mixing wholesome family moments, determination to succeed, and even mystery. This drama touches on topics including mental health, family dynamics and PTSD, bringing to life issues that are relevant to the youth and people who are working hard to try to make it in life and help their loved ones.

If you are up to watch a fun, cute and also thrilling drama, ‘Crash Course In Romance’ is available on Netflix, you can watch the trailer below.

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