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Kpop legend, producer and lyricist BANG YONGGUK is back with his second EP ‘THE COLORS OF LOVE‘. You might know from his days as a member of B.A.P, or for his solid soloist career he has built.

We are looking forward to listen to what he has crafted, let’s being!


The title track ‘Ride or Die’ opens up this release with a dope EDM arrangement, and cool rapping. YONGGUK’s pitch in this single is deep and raspy, definitely a killer mix. For the music video he bring his best angsty biker looks and a love story. Check it below.

Breath‘ begins with electric guitar instrumentals and melodic rapping, the emotions in this single get real in every hook of the song, and it just gets better with the wonderful dynamism in the verse delivery. This song is as a ‘Breath’ of fresh air. Featuring SOOVI, ‘Green‘ takes over with a electronic R&B and a lot of smoothness, this song is all about the vibes, perfect vocalisation and a dreamy style.

Featuring COE, we get the single ‘Rain On Me‘ and its very dope EDM riff on a track that goes back to hip-hop beats with a lot on bounce and style. ‘UFO‘ is next starting with acoustics, and evolving into a song with an alternative beat mix and a very unique style. As expected he kills it with his rap delivery, he goes off and hard! total legend!

Land on this EP is the single ‘I Don’t Care‘ going back to basics and bringing and almost underground hip-hop style. The verse delivery in this track is fantastic and rather emotional, he gives it all changing the tones and depth in vocalisation. #this song is a total ride, and closes this mini-album on a very high note.

Join the rollercoaster that is listening to this very dope release. Make sure to check it out here.

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