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iKON’s charismatic main rapper, BOBBY, returns to the music scene with his highly anticipated solo release, the mini-album ‘ROBERT.’ In this release, BOBBY takes a bold step toward vulnerability, shedding light on his honest thoughts and feelings, and embracing a worry-free outlook as he ventures into the future.

As an iKonic and long-time fan, the prospect of new solo music from BOBBY has always been an exciting one. His solo work has consistently delivered raw, sincere expressions, and anticipation is at an all-time high. Let’s dive into ‘ROBERT.’


The album kicks off with the title track ‘f,’ where BOBBY wastes no time in laying down some incredibly sick verses and showcasing his remarkable delivery. The song’s clever change of pace and tempo midway through adds a thrilling dimension to the track. The seamless blending of beats is a testament to his artistry. With an angsty instrumental layering, BOBBY absolutely nails it.

The music video for ‘f‘ perfectly captures BOBBY’s unique style, delivering a heavy dose of angst through dynamic camera work, impressive editing, and an overall cool vibe. Watch it below.

Featuring JUSTHIS, ‘hercules!‘ takes the stage with an impressive beat arrangement and BOBBY’s trademark rough and raspy rap delivery. This track exudes just the right amount of angst and energy, making it the kind of song that would set concert pits on fire.

With ‘why stop now,’ featuring Jung Sangsoo, BOBBY delves into a more classic but no less raw style of rap. The track boasts a sick electric guitar, drums, and bass that come together in a blend that works seamlessly.

Bringing ‘ROBERT’ to a close is the single ‘sae,’ featuring Huh. This track offers a classic, almost old-school approach that will have you vibing along with its distinctive charm.

BOBBY has undoubtedly poured his unfiltered authenticity into ‘ROBERT,’ delivering a mini-album filled with rawness and genuine emotion, all while staying true to his unique style. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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