Photo credits: A2Z Ent

Ailee celebrates 11 years with ‘RA TA TA’

Ailee is back to celebrate her anniversary of 11 years since her debut with the single album ‘RA TA TA’. Let’s take a closer look!

We start off the single album with the track ‘I’ll hold you’ which was released last month as a separate single. Ailee is consoling everyone who’s had a hard life with her beautiful vocals and beautiful message. This single is so soothing and so well done. It’s absolutely lovely.

After that comes the new title track ‘RA TA TA’ featuring viral sensation Lil’ Cherry. This is a complete switch of pace. We’re going clubbing with this absolute bop. Ailee really shows us she can handle any genre. This looks like such a fun party to be at. I also enjoyed Lil’ Cherry’s feature, as always she’s iconic.

The closing track is ‘Big it up’. This one is bringing us all the funk. The guitars are vibing and I’m really enjoying how they’re playing with tempo and pace. This is such a fun track. I dig it!

Overall ‘RA TA TA’ by Ailee is a great single album that shows her vocal chops and charisma. Go ahead and listen to it here.

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