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BIGONE is back with his new EP ‘[LOVE + EMOTION + BLOSSOM]’. Let’s dive right in!


We open the album with ‘LOVE FOREVER’. It’s a lovely opener with quite a bit of autotune but not to the point where it’s overwhelming. I really like the layering of the multiple vocals. 

Next up is ‘우리 다시 만나도’ which, according to Google Translate is ‘Even if we meet again’. This beat feels a bit lighter, though somehow sadder than the previous one. 

After that we get the first feature with Soovi. The track ‘내가 널 사랑하는 건’ has a really fun snare beat in the instrumentals. I absolutely love Soovi’s feature. It adds a lot of freshness to the track.

We’re on track number four with ‘오늘밤’ featuring Ash Island. This track is hella catchy. This one is another well chosen collab. The electric guitar solo is absolute fire and ugh, I love it so much.

‘moonlight’ follows that and uses a really fun sample in the backing track. I love the way they’re playing with pauses and breaks in this track. 

Next up is ‘BADBADBADBAD’ featuring EK. I’m really digging the intro. There’s this really strong bass and I just really wanna listen to this track while in a car with a good subwoofer.

‘DAMN’ featuring Make A Movie comes in next. This song feels very laid back and I kind of dig the vibe. 

The last track on the album is ‘whole lotta’. This one is quite interesting melodically and definitely feels appropriate as the last song to close it on a more happy note. 

Overall, ‘[LOVE + EMOTION + BLOSSOM]’ by BIGONE is quite a solid album, though I do wish that there was a little more variety in the autotune department.

I couldn’t find the album on Spotify yet, but here’s his Artist Profile.

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