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[Review] Behind Your Touch

We’re back with a new K-drama review and this time we’ve watched ‘Behind Your Touch’. This 2023 JTBC drama has a killer OST and a killer plot, let’s dive in!

Behind Your Touch

The K-drama was directed by Kim Suk-Yoon who was also responsible for some of my favorite dramas like ‘Law School’ and ‘My Liberation Notes’. The drama was written by Lee Nam-Kyu who is a frequent collaborator of Kim.

In ‘Behind Your Touch’ we follow our main character Bong Ye-Bun (Han Ji-Min) who is a veterinarian who becomes a psychic during a meteor shower. When she touches the bum, or the behind of an animal or person, she can see all of their memories.

During the first stages of discovering this power, she gets caught by detective Moon Jang-Yeol (Lee Min-Ki) who arrests her when he sees her touch someone’s bum without their permission. It leads to hilarious situations and a mutual dislike.

That is until murders start happening in the quiet village and the both of them team up to find the serial killer.


This was actually a hilarious show that was filled with both emotional tear-jerking moments and complex characters while also having hilarious scenes and dynamics.

The acting was superb and some of the standouts, besides the leads, were EXO’s Suho and Joo Min-Kyung who we wrote about here.

I also want to mention the insane soundtrack. The show is opened by Joohoney from Monsta X with an absolute bop, and there’s also Zior Park, pH-1, Ha Hyunsang and Sondia tracks. The taste is immaculate!

Go ahead and watch the trailer below.

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