Photo Credits: JYP Ent.

NiziU makes their Korean debut with ‘Press Play’

JYP Entertainment’s girl group NiziU has ignited excitement as they make their highly anticipated Korean debut. Following their formation through the survival Nizi Project in 2020 and successful debut in Japan with ‘Step by Step,’ NiziU has been garnering a devoted international fan base. Consisting of Nina, Mako, Ayaka, Miihi, Rima, Maya, Mayuka, Rio, and Riku, this debut album showcases the unique and lovely charm of the group.

The title track, ‘HEARTRIS,’ combines the words ‘Heart’ and ‘Tetris’ to deliver a colorful and upbeat single that perfectly captures NiziU’s concept. It is filled with infectious rhythms and melodies that complement the members’ high-pitched vocals and make it an incredibly fun listen. The music video, featuring the members on a mission to collect something they desire, blends anime-inspired drawings with vibrant sets, making it both visually captivating and enjoyable. To top it up, Stray Kids’ Felix makes a charismatic cameo in the video. Watch it below.

Lucky Star‘ follows as an equally vibrant song, driven by synth melodies and showcasing NiziU’s harmonies. With its bubblegum touch, this track exudes a cute and energetic vibe that is undeniably fun to listen to.

The album concludes with the Korean version of their single, ‘Paradise,’ which adds a soft-pop/ballad touch to the release. This track highlights the members’ vocal prowess and expresses their emotions flawlessly. The instrumental arrangement in ‘Paradise’ is stunning, providing a beautiful conclusion to this highly anticipated debut.

NiziU’s Korean debut not only demonstrates the individual talents of its members but also showcases the versatility of the group as a whole. With each single portraying diverse musical styles, NiziU has proven their ability to captivate listeners with their charm and talent.

You can listen to NiziU’s Korean debut album here.

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