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[Review] Jay Chang – Late Night

Jay Chang has taken fans by surprise with his highly-anticipated solo debut. His charismatic personality and undeniable talent shone through during his remarkable journey on the survival show Boys Planet. Now, he’s stepping into the spotlight with his debut album, ‘Late Night,’ which features four singles and two English versions of the title tracks. Jay’s vocals are known for their charisma and soulful depth. Let’s dive right into this exciting release.

Late Night

The debut mini-album kicks off with the title track “I’ll Be There,” a fusion of rock-pop and fantastic instrumentals. Jay’s vocal tone, delivery, and undeniable groove make this debut single truly memorable, fun, and uniquely captivating. In the music video, he effortlessly combines visuals with singing, captivating the audience in every second.Watch it below.

The second title track, “Rockstar,” follows suit with groovy instrumentals and a killer synth line that adds an extra layer of excitement. Jay shines once again, delivering incredible vocal dynamics that make this single an absolute joy to listen to.

Up To You” transports us to summertime with its blend of synth, EDM, and bass. The airy vocals in this single are enchanting, with a singing tone that’s absolutely delightful. The vibes in this track are nothing short of immaculate.

We enter a more acoustic realm with “Sunlight.” The breathtaking guitar work adds an indie touch to this track, creating a wholesome and soulful atmosphere. The backing vocals, lyrical flow, and overall composition are simply stunning, filled with soulful tunes.

Closing this mini-album are the two English versions of the title tracks, providing a fitting conclusion to Jay Bang’s solid and beautifully executed solo debut.

Jay Bang’s ‘Late Night’ debut release is a delightful surprise. The music, sound, and overall concept are outstanding, and each song is an absolute must-listen. Dive into this release here.

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