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[Review] B.I – Love or Loved Part.2

Following the impactful first part of the series, Hanbin (B.I) returns to further unravel his musical narrative in ‘Love or Loved Part 2.’ Let’s delve into this continuation of emotions and melodies.

Love or Loved Part 2

The title track, ‘Loved,’ released a couple of weeks ago, showcases B.I’s ability to fuse nostalgia with contemporary trends. The song takes a smoother approach with enhanced vocals, EDM elements, and seamless instrumental additions. The result is a track that captivates with its trendy yet sentimental direction.

‘4 Letters’, featuring James Reid, follows up with a delightful pop-rock instrumentation. The smooth vocals and harmonies create a vibe that adds an indie touch, making it a lovely listen that complements the overall atmosphere of the EP.

In ‘Alone,’ featuring TYTAN, B.I shifts gears into the realm of Hip-Hop/R&B. The song boasts dope beats, a great rap flow, and a solid collaboration that brings out the best in both artists. The seamless mix of singing and rap sections adds a cool dynamic to the track.

Taking a softer note, ‘S.O.S’ maintains the classic B.I feel with a blend of beats, vocals, and rap that characterize his signature style. The fantastic layering in this song contributes to its overall appeal, creating a captivating listening experience.

The mini-album concludes with ‘All Shook Up,’ featuring AGNEZ MO. This final track presents a great synth line and mixing. The contrast between the two artists’ delivery flows adds a vibey touch, serving as a fitting conclusion to this emotional musical journey.

‘Love or Loved Part 2’ is not just an EP; it’s a reflection on relationships and love, translated into music that resonates deeply with listeners. B.I once again transforms thoughts and emotions into a musical masterpiece. Immerse yourself in this release here.

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