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[Review] aespa – Drama

aespa returns with their fourth mini-album, ‘Drama,’ an exhilarating compilation that not only includes the pre-released summer single ‘Better Things’ but also introduces a variety of sounds and styles showcasing the group’s dynamism. Let’s dive into the drama!


The title track, ‘Drama,’ bursts forth with the unmistakable power characteristic of aespa. Set against an alternative EDM arrangement, the song features fantastic transitions and vocal prowess. The accompanying music video adds a cinematic touch, reminiscent of Kill Bill, exuding femme fatale aesthetics. The members’ fearless presence and stunning visuals make this title track an unforgettable experience.

‘Trick of Trick’ introduces bold mixing and an intriguing build-up. The melody leading to the hook is captivating, and the drop into the chorus is satisfying. The bridge showcases beautiful vocal layering, with Winter and Ningning delivering standout performances.

The delightful strumming of a guitar signals the beginning of ‘Don’t Blink,’ a pop gem with a fun and easygoing melody. ‘Hot Air Balloon’ shifts gears with a bubbly arrangement and playful vocals. This track, offering a new sound in aespa’s discography, impresses with its captivating singing, falsettos, and harmonies.

‘YOLO’ injects peak energy and remarkable instrumentals. This fun and vibrant single keeps the energy levels high and never wavers. Taking an R&B turn, ‘You’ follows with sweet vocals and stunning orchestration. The harmonies and vocals are beautifully soft, infusing the song with soulful depth.

Closing this mini, is the pre-release single ‘Better Things‘, we already wrote about this release, you can check it here.

aespa’s ‘Drama’ is a kaleidoscope of surprises, revealing diverse facets of the group and introducing sounds previously unexplored. This release invites you to experience aespa’s musical evolution. Dive into the drama here.

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