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[Review] All Of Us Are Dead

We’re back with a new K-drama Review, this time we’re taking a closer look at ‘All Of Us Are Dead’. We’re a bit late to the party, the season came out in January of 2022, but it’s been on our to watch list ever since we saw the first trailer. 

‘All Of Us Are Dead’ is a Netflix series that has 12 episodes. It was based on the WebToon written by Joo Dong-geun and adapted by Chun Sung-Il who has also worked on ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’. Lee Jae-Kyu and Kim Nam-Soo were in charge of directing. 


‘All Of Us Are Dead’ tells the story of a virus outbreak that turns people into zombies. We follow a couple of different groups as they struggle for survival. 

The outbreak itself starts in Hyosan High School. We follow a handful of students as they try to get to safety. Of course, with such stressful situations and no immediate help on the way, everything is super tense.

The first characters we get to know are the childhood friends Nam On-Jo (played by Park Ji-Hu who you might know from ‘Little Women‘) and Lee Cheong-San (played by Yoon Chan-Young). Nam On-Jo’s dad is a firefighter and has taught On-Jo a lot about survival, which comes in handy. 

There are also the other students and with them they bring their own difficult power dynamics. There’s the class president who is standoffish and cold. There’s the rich girl who bullies everyone who she considers to be poor. There’s the actual bully who was sexually assaulting another girl before the outbreak. 

It’s definitely interesting to see how these characters develop during such a tragedy. The story is well written and the teenagers feel very believable. 

What I also find interesting is that we see the other side of the coin with the military reaction to the outbreak. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is definitely intriguing. There’s also the police officers who are trying to help. 

Good news, there’s another season coming in 2023! So if you haven’t watched it yet, this is the perfect time. 

Go ahead and watch the trailer for the first season below.

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