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[Review] Little Women

We’re back with a new K-drama Review, this time about the series ‘Little Women’. The TvN series has been a massive success and was picked up by Netflix. 

‘Little Women’ is based on the book series by Louisa May Alcott. The story has been adapted into a thrilling story about sisters, embezzled money and a mysterious society. 

The series was directed by Kim Hee-Won who was also responsible for ‘Vincenzo’ and ‘The Crowned Clown’. The story was adapted by Jung seo-Kyoung who also has writing credits for one of my favorite series ‘Mother’ and the incredible films ‘The Handmaiden’, ‘Decision To Leave‘ and ‘I’m a cyborg, but that’s ok’.


The main role went to Kim Go-Eun who plays Oh In-Joo. Her character is sweet, a bit naive and a bit of an outcast. She’s a divorcee of a crook and has had a life rife with money struggles. She tries very hard to take responsibility for her younger sisters.

One of them is Oh In-Kyung, played by Nam Ji-Hyun. She’s a journalist who’s facing an alcohol addiction and is constantly on the hunt for the truth. In-Kyung is righteous and very focused on doing the right thing. She lived with their rich aunt for a while during her childhood.

The youngest sister of the three is Oh In-Hye, played by Oh In-Ju. She’s stubborn and rude to her sisters, feeling that their love is overwhelming especially when she sees them struggle to give her a better life. In-Hye is a prodigious painter and received a scholarship for an art school where she is close friends with Park Hyo-Rin (Jeon Chae-Eun). She’s the daughter of Park Jae-Sang and Won Sang-A who are in the public spotlight because Park is in the running to become mayor.


In-Joo’s best friend is found dead in her apartment, she’s left In-Joo a whole bunch of money and it starts off a period of tumultuous, life-threatening events for her and her sisters. The money was stolen from the Park family and of course they’ll do anything to get it back. 

The sisters don’t know who they can or cannot trust and it causes a lot of dispute. In-Joo wants to keep the money so they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives, while In-Kyung wants to bring it to light and show the world who the Park family actually are. There’s also the case of the mysterious blue orchids that keep popping up with every death they come across. 

The story takes a bunch of twists and turns and has quite a fast pace. I thought it was interesting how everything was connected. 

I love how the women were portrayed in this series. They each had their own character, motivations and stories. They were incredibly well written and I love how both the director and the writer of the series were both women. The cinematography was beautiful to watch and this is the kind of series where everything works so incredibly well together.

‘Little Women’ is an absolutely incredible watch and begs for a rewatch to be honest. 

Also the romantic tension between In-Joo and Choi Do-Il (Wi Ha-Joon) is INCREDIBLE!

Go watch the trailer below.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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