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[Review] Kep1er – Kep1going On

Kep1er is back with new music, and this time in an special release.The release of ‘Kep1going On‘ marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for Kep1er under WakeOne. Initially a group project, Kep1er has decided to continue as a team, now consisting of seven members. Although Mashiro and Yeseo will not continue with the group, they are part of this album’s promotion, making this release extra special for Kep1ian.

‘Kep1going On’ is Kep1er’s first album in over two years since their debut, carrying a special significance for both the group and their fans. Let’s dive into this highly anticipated release.

Kep1going On

The album opens with ‘Last Carnival,’ an intro track featuring lovely EDM beats and great vocal harmonies. This song sets a nostalgic and magical mood, perfectly setting the tone for what’s to come.

The title track, ‘Shooting Star,’ follows with its synth-pop driven genre infused with R&B vibes. This track is fast-paced yet dreamy, packed with fantastic vocals and emotional delivery. The distorted vocals add extra charisma, while the ad-libs are just incredible. The music video is a visual feast, taking viewers to another world with stunning effects and performances. Watch it below.

Curious‘ brings in R&B melodies and dreamy singing. The vocal layering is fantastic, and the sectioning with dynamic beat changes keeps the listeners engaged throughout. ‘Flowers, Flutter, Your Heart‘ charms listeners from the start with its beautiful melodies and smooth, delicate R&B tones. It’s an absolutely stunning listen.

Taking a deep house turn, ‘Double Up!‘ is a total party banger. Get ready to hit the dance floor and feel the hype with this energetic track. ‘PUSH BUTTON‘ maintains the party vibes with smooth beat changes and fantastic sectioning, adding an extra layer of fun to the mix.

PROBLEM‘ showcases Kep1er’s groove with a fantastic retro track featuring a modern touch. The rapping is fun and cool, complemented by captivating singing that adds more personality to the song.

The fan single ‘Dear Diary‘ brings beautiful R&B tunes and sincere lyrics dedicated to Kep1ian. As expected, this song is emotional, heartfelt, and a lovely listen.

Following ‘Dear Diary’ is ‘Grand Prix,’ the Korean version of a single from their third Japanese album. This track goes hard and keeps us vibing just like the original version.

The album closes with ‘Straight Line,’ the Korean version of a single from their first Japanese album. We love the mix of genres in this song. Kep1er elevates it to the next level with flawless composition and incredible transitions, making it a masterpiece.

‘Kep1going On’ is a no-skip album from start to finish. Kep1er showcases their charisma and talent, and we are excited to see what the next chapter of their career holds. In the meantime, check out this fantastic album.

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