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AKMU is back with ‘Love Lee’

Our favorite siblings AKMU are back with their new single album ‘Love Lee’. The single album contains two singles, ‘Love Lee’ and ‘Fry’s Dream’. Let’s take a closer look!

The first single, and the title track is ‘Love Lee‘. This single is adorable and bright and has so much energy. ‘Love Lee’ is a play on the word ‘lovely’ and the siblings’ last name, Lee. Suhyun’s vocals are as always lovely and Chanhyuk brings great synergy with his rapping skills and vocals.

After that comes the second track ‘Fry’s Dream’. I’m really digging the keyboard opening. It’s awesome and immediately sets an interesting tone. The song talks about not having a dream and just going with the flow. It’s lovely and a bit dreamy and feels like the quintessential AKMU we’ve come to love.

You can find ‘Love Lee’ by AKMU on Spotify here.

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