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[Review] SHINee – HARD

SHINee is back! and they are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary with the eight album ‘HARD‘. These KPOP legends never miss and we were looking forward to check what they have prepared for the fans.

It has been a bit over a year since their las group comeback and we missed them a lot. Let’s get right into the music!


With start off strong with piano acoustic in the title track ‘Hard‘, the mix if genres in this single is pretty impressive and it is made to show off SHINee’s talent. Each section in the single brings a brand new sound, and it get more impressive as it plays along. The bridge for this track is beyond smooth, and ONEW delivers as usual with his power vocals. The music video pops-off with urban inspired visuals, a low of SWAG and dope graphics. Watch it below.

JUICE‘ brings old school hip-hop elements with EDM in an impressive and rather addictive mix. The vocal play in this single is super sick, Key’s and Minho’s rapping is beyond cool and the harmonies AMAZING. This single is powerful, unique and full of style.

We are in for a jazzy listening experience with ‘10x‘, this single keeps the instrumentation minimalistic and smooth and puts all the spotlight in the vocals and harmonies. On a surprising twist ‘Satellites‘ bring along and electro pop mix and flawless falsettos. There is a dreamy feel in this song that makes it super charming and soft. Just Beautiful!.

15th anniversary

Identity‘ takes over with synth and funk, the vocalisation in this single is fantastic and they way the harmonies for the high notes is incredible. SHINee at its best. The pre-released single ‘The Feeling‘ follows up with summers vibes and a lot of focus in lively melodies, and pretty singing that will have listeners vibing to this song.

With a fabulous synth line the single ‘Like It‘ is the type of song that has the potential to become a chill party go to song. so, get ready to hit the dance floor, SHINee style.

Sweet Misery‘ brings back the electro-pop sound but this time with a continuous build-up and a mysterious vibe that had us totally hooked to this song. ‘Insomnia‘ tags along and add the R&B factor we were waiting for. This single is sexy, cool and groovy, the instrumentations are lovely and this single just gets better and better with the continuous harmonies, high notes, and rap additions.

Gravity‘ marks the end of this highly anticipated album with warm and sweet vocals, in a minimalistic soft pop arrangement that had us swooning over them. Definitely the perfect way to end this album and mark the end of their anniversary celebrations.

SHINee once again made us fall for them and their talent, this album is a very cool listen that shows off why they are legendary. Listen to this release here.

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