Photo Credits: Great M Entertainment

82MAJOR debuts with ‘ON’

Great M Entertainment presents their latest debut, 82MAJOR, who made their grand entrance on October 11th with the dual single album ‘ON’. This six-member group, comprising Sungil, Sungmo, Sungbin, Seokjun, Yechan, and Dogyun, has embarked on their music career with two powerful title tracks.

The debut kicks off with ‘FIRST CLASS,’ setting the tone with a hip-hop vibe, a captivating rhythm, and impressive rap delivery. 82MAJOR surprises listeners by showcasing their vocal prowess with power notes, creating a harmonious blend that elevates the audience’s excitement.

The accompanying music video is a fusion of angst, captivating dance sequences, and stylish shots that enhance the group’s sleek visuals and individual flair.

In the second title track, ‘Sure Thing,’ the members reveal a sweeter side with a bright pop tempo and exceptional vocals throughout the song. The music video provides a glimpse into each member’s personality with a series of solo shots and heartwarming group moments.. Find it below.

82MAJOR’s debut single album ‘ON’ boldly showcases two different musical facets of the rookie group, placing the spotlight on the talents of both their rap and vocal lines. These two tracks are an absolute must-listen, and you can enjoy them right here.

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