[R&B Gem] Summer Soul

We’re back with a new R&B Gem and this time we’re taking a look at Summer Soul. If you’re in desperate need of some new tunes, stick around. 


Summer Soul debuted in 2018 with the single ‘How Beautiful’.

Also listen to this live performance. 

She teamed up with Charming Lips for the single ‘Kill Your Darling’.

Summer Soul also dropped the singles ‘I feel love’ and ‘Barefoot’ the same year.

In spring of 2019 she released the collab EP ‘The Suicide Diary’ together with Charming Lips.

Her first solo EP ‘Five Senses’ also came out that year.

She also released a Christmas single album ‘My Christmas Day’s For You’.

Summer Soul’s next EP came out in 2020 with ‘NEW CLOTHES’

That year she also dropped the single ‘JUNKFOOD’.

In 2021 she released the single ‘Way Back’ and her new EP ‘November’.

That year she also released the album ‘December’ which contained re-recorded songs from previous releases and songs from her Soundcloud.

Her next project was ‘UTOPIA’ which was a collaborative project with producer ROMderful.

Summer Soul’s latest release is the single album ‘SWIPE ME RIGHT’ which contains the band versions of the tracks ‘VEIN’, ‘Tindr’ and ‘MARK ME’.

Go listen to her entire discography on Spotify here.

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