[Review] OH MY GIRL – Golden Hourglass

Summer bops are here with OH MY GIRL’s ninth mini-album ‘Golden Hourglass‘, it’s been a bit over a year since their last album, and we are looking forward to listen to what these queens have prepared.

This release has six new singles, including the pre-released song ‘Miracle‘. Let’s dive into this release and check out the music.

Golden Hourglass

The summer vibes start strong in ‘Celebrate‘ and its bright pop track and refreshing vocals. This single is fun, cool and very playful, and as expected the vocals are amazing and full of power. Next up, is the title song ‘Summer Comes‘ with a great synth line, plenty of vocal power, a cool rap sections and OH MY GIRL’s charm at its best. This single is super catchy and it feel-good style is re-energising and chill. For the music video we get all the best summer trends, with colour saturation, fun sets, animations and even a surprising zombie twist. Check it below.

This release takes a surprising twist with ‘Queen B‘, taking over to deliver impressive harmonies in a sick arrangement full of groove. The beats are amazing, the vocal play super fun to listen to, and show the colourful vocals of the members. This single is an amazing listen.

In ‘Dirty Laundry‘ we get a touch of fun and upbeat pop, joined by a cool guitar riffs, synth and refreshing and fun singing. Next up, we go into rhythmic R&B with ‘Paradise‘, this single is a pretty and cool listen, with little instrumental surprises that and unexpected but perfect.

Last on this EP is ‘Miracle‘, pre-released in April to celebrate their 8th anniversary, this pop-single is fresh, tropical and very soft. The music video is made of self-footage by the member, and it cannot get more wholesome than that. Watch it below.

Listen to this release here.