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In this week’s R&B Gem we are going indie once again, get ready for smooth music and a flawless sound. Let’s dive into SHIRT’s work.

SHIRT’s debut was with the collaborative single album ‘back to the past’ with HAAN, in 2021.

From his debut, his releases have had a very smooth and easy to listen R&B style, his vocal tone is soft and make the listening experience unique and wholesome. 

His following release was another collaborative project with HAAN, this time for the EP ‘bless for!’. For this one they continued on with their smooth sound but added surprise elements that made their music a lot more playful and vibey. 

His first solo single was ‘With YA!’. This very romantic track shows off his rapping style and lovely singing, and the music video is a total vibe. Watch it below.

He followed up this release with the single ‘I’m drawn to you’, including two new singles and a fantastic sound.

SHIRT ended his very impressive debut year with the release of an R&B Christmas single featuring Chan, and this release is nothing but sweet. Check it below.

Latest Projects

In 2022, he came back with the single album ‘Poor Love’, with this release he adopted a more acoustic sound with a lo-fi style, and the smoothness that was already part of his releases. 

SHIRT and HAAN teamed up once more for two releases, including the single ‘ADVENTURE GAME’ featuring Sunny Shin and the extended play ‘HAAN X SHIRT: Energy’.

After these two very playful and fun releases, SHIRT released the single ‘Drive At Night’, with this single he went a bit more experimental with an R&B and dance mix, and plenty of fresh vibes. Check it below.

SHIRT is just starting off his career, however, he already has quite a solid list of releases, an amazing sound and fans that are looking forward to his next release (including us). 

Listen to his discography here, and make sure to drop him a follow on Instagram to check what he is up to. 

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