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This R&B Gem is dedicated to an R&B singer with amazing vocals and a criminally underrated discography, she has been around since 2015, and we are sure you have listened to at least one of her songs. Let’s dive into LEEBADA’s discography. 

Lee Ba-Da (styled as LEEBADA) debuted independently in 2015 with the single album ‘you got me’. Soon after the release of her debut release she came back with her second self-titled single album, including the singles ‘Slick’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

In 2016, after signing with Neuron Music, LEEBADA released her first mini-album ‘HYPE’, this release was followed up in 2017 with her third single album ‘Her Night’. 

Her next release was in 2018, under a new agency, she released the mini-album ‘Pink Ocean’, her title track ‘Crush on You’ received a lot of attention. To continue on with this moment during this same year she dropped the single album ‘Black Ocean’, ‘Blue Ocean’ and the single ‘Stay’.

First album

‘THE OCEAN’ was LEEBADA’S first full-length album, she released it in 2019 and included fifteen new singles and one very smooth sound. This same year she came back with the single ‘High’ featuring PENOMECO and produced by GroovyRoom. 

From 2020 to 2022, her releases mostly consisted of single albums including ‘Empty Room’, ‘Love Drug’ and ‘Lucid Dream’. 


LEEBADA has a lengthy list of participation in OSTs, her first one was in 2018 for the drama ‘Black Knight’ and since then has not stopped releasing OSTs. She has sung the soundtracks for the dramas ‘Possession’, ‘Big Issue’, ‘Say What You See’, ‘Did We Love?’ and many more. 

LEEBADA is now under EMA Recordings, her latest release in the mini-album ‘Heaven’. Her full career has been mainly focused on smooth R&B, for this release however, she expanded her sound, and experimented more with her sound. 

Lee Ba-Da has built a solid career, her voice is one of a kind, and her style unique, dive into her discography here, and you drop her a follow on Instagram for cute pics and releases updates. 

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