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[Review] IVE – I’ve IVE

The girls from IVE are back with their first full-length album ‘I’ve IVE’. We’re super stoked, because we’re obsessed with the pre-release track ‘KITSCH’ which we wrote about here. Let’s dive right in!

I’ve IVE

We start off with the track ‘Blue Blood’. We get some punchy beats with a cool build-up. I really like the layering of the vocals. It creates a very spacious sound. It’s a vibe! Though it does feel a bit repetitive towards the end.

Next up is the title track ‘I AM’. This is a lot more chill then what we’ve heard from IVE so far. I think it was a great choice to switch things up a bit after their massive hits from last year. I thoroughly enjoyed this title track. The switch-up between the rap verses and the more R&B verse was fantastic. I lilke how catchy this chorus is.

The following track is ‘KITSCH’ which was released last week.

‘Lips’ brings us to summer with the chill beats and mellow verses. This begs for a cocktail on the beach. It’s a very easy-listening track that is super enjoyable.

Member Yujin wrote the lyrics for the following track ‘Heroine’. I love the descending line with the ‘ooh nanana’. The vocal registers are so high for this track so the descending line really brings variety in that, along with the bridge which spices things up with the beat as well.

Next up

Wonyoung wrote the lyrics for ‘Mine’. This is a cool soft pop track. The beat is lovely but it’s the vocals that really shine. I’d love to hear a live version of this.

‘Hypnosis’ is the shortest track on the album and that’s such a shame because it’s literally a banger. It goes hard and has an incredibly dirty beat. It’s awesome. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.

We’re 100% on our way to summer with ‘NOT YOUR GIRL’. This is bright, poppy, happy and so nicely layered. I’m in love with this! It’s so much fun to listen to. If we don’t get a video of them dancing on a beach to this I will revolt!

‘Next Page’ brings us a dark beat with some very nice synths. This is catchy, has a great flow to it and I really enjoyed the muffled parts. It was so interesting to listen to.

Next up is ‘Cherish’. From the getgo this is a fantastic vibe. I like the vocals a lot in this one, also the way they sang ‘cherish’ was just immaculate. The chorus honestly is just a 10/10! The piano riffing in the back?! LOVE!

The closing track is ‘Shine with me’. Wonyoung also wrote the lyrics for this one. It’s a love letter to the fandom DIVE. ‘Shine with me’ is a lovely ballad with an intense instrumentation with the orchestra. It’s wonderful!

Overall ‘I’ve IVE’ by IVE is a great album that shows their various colors and strengths. Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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