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[R&B Gem] LambC

We’re back with a new R&B Gem and this time we’re focusing on the household name LambC. Let’s take a closer look!

Originally LambC started off his music career as a drummer, but decided to go into Music Production while studying at Berklee.

He debuted in 2015 with the single album ‘The Herd’ and has since built an impressive collection of releases that cover all kinds of genres. 

For brevity I’ll focus more on the albums and mini-albums rather than single releases because there’s quite a few releases to cover.. 

In 2017 he dropped his first EP ‘Absence Side A’ which has one of his most famous songs to date: ‘Love Like That’.This is still such a jam.

‘Absence Side B’ was released a month later.

‘Beauty’ was the title track of ‘Absence Side D’ and was released in 2018..

The year after, in 2019, LambC released the EP ‘Green is the new black’.

His next mini-album ‘Songs from a bed’ has a lovely album description I thought I’d share with you: “The bed is the most personal and comfortable space for anyone. A place to live through a hard day, prepare for tomorrow, and ask for a comfortable rest. In a quiet room with no one around, lay down alone and listen to the words in your heart.”

‘I’ll see you when I see you’ is his first full-length album and came out in 2021.

At the end of 2022 and throughout this year he has released a single every month by the name of ‘30’. The singles have incredible features like Kangziwon, SURL, Sarah Kang and more. 

Here’s my favorite. 

You can listen to LambC on Spotify here.

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