Photo Credits: KOZ Entertainment


KOZ Entertainment latest boy group BOYNEXTDOOR is back with their first EP, just a couple of months after their official debut.

This boy group definitely caught our attention with their debut single album ‘WHO!’, their catchy singles and incredible talent. This EP is an extension of their debut release, including three new singles that complete their debut era.

Let’s check this release.


Opening this release are ‘But I Like You’, ‘One and Only’ and ‘Serenade’, from their debut single album, we are still jamming to these singles, and you can find out more about them in our exclusive review.

Crying‘ is the first new single in this release, with a pop-ballad rhythm and heavenly vocals, this song plays passionately with a quite impressive lyrical delivery, beautiful harmonies and a hook that touches the feels.

The title track for this release is ‘But Sometimes‘ taking over with a rock-pop tempo that adds a angsty touch to this release. The contrast between rapper and vocals in this song is super dope, and it only get better with the tone changes and rhythmic flow. For the music video, they go all in with a very cool storyline full of very cool special effect and a lot of CGI that makes it even cooler.

This production has a lot of detail to catch-on, awesome camera work, and killer dance moves. Watch it below.

Closing this release is ‘ABCDLOVE‘, with a more hip-hop driven tempo, mixed with a rather emotional playfulness in the lyrics delivery, a lovely addition of soft singing, instrumentals and even a lo-fi beats. The combination in this song is fantastic, definitely full of surprises, and the perfect end for this EP.

BOYNEXTDOOR keeps surprising us with excellent music, a unique sound, and cool concepts. We absolutely love what these guys are putting out and how their are involved in the creative process. Don’t miss out and listen to this release here.

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