Photo Credits: Kaiavant


In this week’s R&B Gem, we embark on a journey through the blossoming career of a newcomer in the music scene — the talented Kaiavant, also known as Kaia.

Debuting with ‘alaska’: Setting the Musical Tone

Kaiavant made her debut in 2022 under Av.ant with the captivating single ‘alaska.’ This debut served as an enchanting introduction to her musical prowess, characterized by smooth compositions, tender vocalization, and a cinematic touch that unmistakably set her apart in the industry.

Following her debut, Kaiavant treated listeners to a series of consecutive singles — ‘Angels like you,’ ‘ silvia,’ ‘Highway,’ and ‘Earth.’ Each release showcased Kaia’s exceptional composition skills and emotive vocalization, further solidifying her place as a promising talent in the R&B scene.

First Album

After this impressive string of singles, Kaiavant transitioned to her first EP ‘Knowingly can’t’ under a new agency, Mine Field, founded by Swings and Seongguk. Following closely, she released the single ‘My world without me’ and concluded her debut year with her first full-length album, ‘Piece of space.’ The album featured collaborations with artists like Kid Milli and Swings, showcasing Kaiavant’s musical experimentation, blending elements of hip-hop and EDM throughout the fantastic release.

Latest release 

Kaiavant’s latest musical venture is the extended play ‘Goodbye, Pieces,’ featuring pieces that seamlessly blend EDM with acoustic elements, creating a beautiful and immersive listening experience. 

Despite her brief tenure in the industry, Kaiavant has already crafted an incredible discography filled with musical gems and soulful melodies. Her music is a captivating journey, and as she continues to evolve, her unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and EDM promises more musical magic for audiences. You can listen to most of her discography here, and follow her on Instagram for updates and more. 

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