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We’re back with the latest K-Indie Chart and this time we’re taking a closer look at the chart of November!

The newest release is the mini-album ‘Grad’ by Hebron.

I absolutely adore the album description, so here it is: “‘Graduation Trip’ is my wish. My yesterday seems to be spinning in place. This is a message of encouragement to those who are taking the next step. This is an indescribable encouragement to my past self. These are the waves I encountered while out at sea with my friends. And this is a scene I want to come back and see again someday when things calm down. Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the graduation trip.”

The mini contains six songs, one of which is an intro and leans towards the indie folk rock genre. This was his first EP of 2023.

I particularly enjoyed the tracks ‘Isle’ for its tranquil vibe and ‘Round and Round’ for its rock vibe and chutzpah.

You can find the album on Spotify here.

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