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Rapper In The Spotlight: Skyminhyuk

In this week’s spotlight, we’re diving into the world of an indie young artist with a style that’s as unique as it is captivating. Let’s talk about Skyminhyuk. 

Lee Minhyuk (aka. Skyminhyuk) made his debut under Seed Media in 2019 with the single album ‘The Genius of Effort‘. But even before his official debut, he was already making waves by independently releasing a couple of singles on Soundcloud.

Shortly after his debut, he dropped his first album, ‘Come On, My World‘, featuring collaborations with astral swaggy. What truly sets Skyminhyuk apart is his sharp rap delivery and unmistakable trap influence.

The following year, he unleashed a series of albums, including ‘Power Of Love‘, ‘Smin Dance‘, ‘Cockroach‘, and ‘Life Saver‘. These releases are packed with must-listen singles that showcase his evolving style.

During the same year, he also treated fans to the EP ‘Grandline 2‘, featuring collaborations with Ja Mezz.

In 2021, Skyminhyuk made a triumphant return with his 6th album, ‘Effort Genius 2‘, which featured notable artists like Ourealgoat and TAKUWA.

Throughout his career, Skyminhyuk has fearlessly experimented with different music styles and delivery techniques, evolving his sound into something trendy, vibey, and undeniably unique.


Skyminhyuk made his presence felt in the eighth, ninth, and eleventh seasons of the competition program ‘Show Me The Money’. Although he didn’t advance far in the first season, he garnered attention for his distinct style and stage presence in the subsequent seasons.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it past the classification round in the eleventh season.

Latest releases

In 2022, Skyminhyuk returned with a bang, dropping two EPs, a single, and a collaborative album. This year marked a significant shift in his music, with more instrumental experimentation and innovative rap flows, resulting in some truly fantastic tracks.

His most recent masterpiece is the album ‘LIBERATION‘, a release that boasts an experimental sound and a one-of-a-kind style that demands recognition.

Skyminhyuk has been steadily evolving and growing his fanbase, with his music maturing into a fascinating listen. If you’re looking for something unique and vibey, dive into his music, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for updates and more. Skyminhyuk is an artist worth keeping an eye on as he continues to push the boundaries of his craft.

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