Photo credits: Biscuit Ent

Label Deep Dive: Biscuit Entertainment

We’re back with a new Label Deep Dive and this time we’re taking a look at the artists under Biscuit Entertainment. 

This entertainment company was founded in 2021 by Han Ji-seok. Here’s their introduction on their site: “Biscuit Entertainment presents a new vision of K-pop flow. We are a company that creates new value through creative cultural content. Bringing sweetness and emotion to everyday life based on know-how accumulated throughout Asia. We will become a company that presents a new paradigm and leads the era of cultural content.’


Currently they have their very first boy group HAWW. The group debuted a couple of weeks ago.

The label also has singer-songwriter Brian signed with them. He’s also part of the duo Fly To The Sky which focuses on R&B music.

They’re also planning to debut a girl group. Currently they’re known as the Biscuit Girls, but that is set to change. 

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